Amiya and Newton IT Form Business Alliance in Europe; Introducing ALog ConVerter to the European Market

(PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Amiya Corporation (Tokyo, Japan; Seiichi Ito, president) and Newton Information Technology Ltd (London, England; Kenshiro Morimoto, president, hereafter Newton IT) announced today a formal agreement for Newton to sell and support Amiyas ALog ConVerter, a server access log management tool in the European market.

Amiya Corporation is the inventor of ALog ConVerter, a server access log management tool that plays a vital role in corporate data security and risk management in Japan and the rest of Asia. Amiya has been well aware of the growing concern in Europe regarding information security, especially the lack of an advanced server log monitoring tool. For this reason, Amiya chose Newton IT as the companys partner in Europe, recognizing Newtons unique expertise and capabilities that will contribute to ALog ConVerters growth.

ALog ConVerter is the standard among server access log management programs, awarded the Gold Prize in the Info Security Products Global Excellence Awards 2013, Products and Solutions for Asia-Pacific categories. More importantly, ALog ConVerter has been adopted by more than 1,700 corporations around the world, highly regarded for its effectiveness and ease of operation.

Says Kenshiro Morimoto, president of Newton IT, We are excited for this opportunity to work with a leading ICT security company like Amiya. I believe that the more implementations of ALog ConVerter we achieve in Europe, the safer our businesses and our consumers will be.

Kota Ishida, managing director, Amiya Corporation, adds, We believe this partnership with Newton IT will open up more sales channels for ALog ConVerter. We expect Europes decision-makers to embrace ALog ConVerter with the same kind of reception this software has received in Japan and Asia.

What is ALog ConVerter?

Released originally in September 2005, ALog ConVerter is an agentless (non-resident program) access log management tool. ALog ConVerter takes a server event log and looks for file access, domain logins, and other activity, providing all-in-one proprietary analysis and file compression for long-term storage.

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About Newton IT

Newton IT was established in 1998, and is headquartered in London, England. The company has become a noted IT service provider to companies in the EU needing systems design and operations support for their core IT systems. Newton IT also provides consulting, IT infrastructure implementation, software development, and operations/upkeep, acting as a comprehensive technology business partner.

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About Amiya Corporation

Founded in December 1996, Amiya Corporation offers total solutions for corporate internal controls. The company provides consulting and security system design for a wide range of businesses and industries, based on implementation of log management products.

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