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Little guy who believes in privacy takes on the giants
David's Harp · Tech roundup · Start-up of the Week · Real Estate · Concentration in Business · Equities Israel … That frees users from the filter bubble – the fear that, as search results are increasingly personalized, they are less likely to be …
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Getting Facebook slapped: Understanding Facebook's big lie
… their reach by collecting new friends. In a May 28, 2010 article entitled “Epicenter: Mark Zuckerberg: I Donated to Open Source, Facebook Competitor,” Zuckerberg was asked whether Facebook could earn more income from advertising as a result of its …
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Imitation often mistaken for innovation
"Apple employees are rumored to have in the past attended the JailbreakCon event in secret to get innovative ideas for improvements to iOS itself," conference organizers bragged – in a news release of course. … "The region's ability to retain this …
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